About the Project

Conceived in March 2019 with the aim to establish a new soft-law instrument bringing together and detailing all applicable international law which applies in the maritime space in defence of fundamental human rights at sea,  the ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea®’ (“the Declaration”) reflects existing law and looks to explore its practical application throughout the maritime environment.

Under the collective approach of the independent Human Rights at Sea Think Tank platform, the Declaration will be transparently and publicly developed by a core team of experts, contributors, external observers and engaged stakeholders who will provide expertise, supporting references, independent oversight and funding.

The initial (English) Version 1 was published on 5 April 2019 as the first step in the instrument's development.

"The City of Geneva, as a global economic hub, the headquarters of the United Nations and an important flag state, has a specific and direct interest in the guarantee and protection of human rights on land and at sea”. The declaration "will be considered in the coming years as a fundamental initiative."

Mayor of Geneva Sami Kanaan, 21 May 2019

Timeline of Development

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